Thursday, October 23, 2014

Experience: My foremost Teacher


Up up here we go. Davao City here we come! Convoy the trip it is and by the way this is a must blog experience as I am in pursuit towards my future as a good Medical Technologist being an instrument for the wellness of the Community. FIRSTLY, I wanted to tell you one thing very important, I wanna thank God for the good health he sprung upon me and that is I'm very blessed having a very supportive Grandparents, Parents, Brothers and Sisters, Tito an Tita, Cousins and my precious       
 Friends. The next big thing that's making a mark to everybody's is our Internship Training Program. 
And to start off my Adventure here's a little Sneak peak of le time travelling. :)

Tomi plus Gummy worms snack for Time travelling.  

All it takes is time.

We just got there inside our what will be our Home for the next 2 months of journey. Apparently, I'm trying to open up my empty jar of snacks while Grace is smiling at you.

One hit combo entrance inside our New home. Krislyn (left), Gaile (right), Grace (middle) and Ilona at the back. My green room team members.

Add up picture. :)

First week to nth week "adjustment period". lol
No television Set, No internet connection what we gonna do then? Storytelling is the best way though. For the next 7 weeks "Tiis at Tiwala lang kami" less vices especially with social networking. For me though I find it as hard as swallowing a nail for the reason that I'm so very fond of media sites. I mean blogging, gaming, doodling, art appreciation is everything to me and now It's all gonna be less time with those and all I think about is that I'm gonna bet on my life here in Davao City for 2 months without them, then so be it. :)

I didn't find it that It's gonna be as "kawalan" na walang internet connection or any similar things but it is deeply much suited with focusing at the Internship Program so I'm gonna accept everything I guess.

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