Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Great shift

How many times I did tell to myself that I'm blessed by many things in life and that includes people and moments. A great shift I may say. For the reason that I didn't expect any of it for the moment it just all of a sudden I must ready myself because there's something beautifuly unexpected has come.

I'll be honest I do expect but I don't overreact to it. I mean it's not bad to be part of a team you want to it just we must wait for the right moment for it. You may not know when, how or when it's even possible it's just that if someone sees a skill in you that he/she thinks thats a need I think you can have a great chance of a lifetime. Once you're in it , you really must commit. Be responsible, open minded, rational , doer and respectful. Kasi di mo nman maabot kung nasan kaman ngayon kung dimo pinaghrapan. :)

I do believe in fate. Really.
I'm overwhelmed a bit.
But I'm so thankful.
All I have to do is to focus and be one with it.

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