Sunday, October 5, 2014

Take a break for a "Bukid-Venture"

I needed a break from work and hassles so I I had planned to have this kind of adventure : "Bukid-venture"

Scheduled 4days leave for a rest from work. They say that if you plan things ahead it always blew itself off. Therefore, I must try it myself. And for that I tend to insert a bukid adventure to my four days off because I keep missing my hometown, Marbel. 

So to be cool and applying my timid girl scout wanna be talents I brought some must need tools baby. Here we go: 

Starting from the upper left:
1. Cologne
2. Ethyl alcohol
3. Green watch
4. Spiritual keychain since my boards
5. BB Cream MB
6. Flashlight
7. Extra phone
8. Mini towel
9. Charger
10. Band aids
11. Cards to play
12. Efficacent oil for any body aches and better sleep

*not that much but I think all of them are veey usefyl whatever might happen, do you agree with me? Oh you must!! Haha

My Nature typography Kakyuut ng it really makes you wander na continuation :) Yung feeling na perfect talaga yung phrase para sa NATURE na term. I'm so happy with this.

Now this is my Anchor for the day. I have drawn this hopeful na I will just gonna be fine kahit anong mangyare kasi Adventure to ee , we never really know what might happen. Diba diba? :@

Okay, this is my pair of cutiee socks. Not to thick diba? Ai cute dn ba ang aking slippers? Haha #bleh 

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