Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hey now hey now.

We are duly responsible for our words and actions.
Indeed. When you are given chances for your hopes and dreams thou shall never say never and take your step for a go.
This is a limited offer only and can vanish in just a matter of sec. When we hit our deepest fall, when we feel every aches causing us to lose hope the only way out is prayer. We must ponder every moment we experience because we didn't have so much time for a round two and we'll never know if we have another again in our lifetime. New beginnings new ends. Facts.

This is life. Many things to do, many stranger to know, yet less time to waste. Everyday is a blessing. Truedat. Let's be thankful and always be humble. Never belittle people we don't even know an inch about. Be careful with what you say and do to others because you're not the only one with a heart and a mind to feel everything hurtful and sensitive about. Enjoy our daily doings. Always be happy and be sad about what things because it's effin' normal honey. I'm in love with my family, friends, hobbies, likings and work. Versatile enough to never say no to new adventures and experiences. Be a the most important part of your life and never set your foot above your head in short fulfill what you live for and believe you can do it w/o harming anyone.

I keep missing the life I had but I keep loving the one I do have now so just love and no regrets baby. :)


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