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Tasty Music features: Jayesslee

Hello There! I'm Nicole Anne from the Philippines where Music has no expiration date and I do consider myself as a Music enthusiast. I do play guitar and joined our school choir while I'm a Highschool student. I'm not very particular with the genre because my music taste depends on my mood often. And Today I'm enjoying doodling and here's my Victoria Doodle page. I did doodle the Tasty Music icon at the top.

Tasty Music is my own page on Facebook which features Music Tracks from Random Artists for easy music stream. This is my first time featuring Artist on my page and I'm glad Jayesslee deserved this one. Their version of Officially Missing You  by Tamia and I was captivated and from there I really did wait for their next released covers and enjoy everytime I raped the replay button everday!

So here's JAYESSLEE for all music lovers out there!

Stage Name: Jayesslee
Birth Name: Janice and Sonia
Ethnicity: Christian!
Job: Fulltime Youtubers!
Date of Birth: 9th of the 9th! 1986!
Motto: Live today like it's your last.
Languages: English and Korean
Home Place: Sydney Australia
University: University of New South Wales
Church: New Life Community Church
Favourite Colour: Peach and Yellow
Favourite Sport: Volleyball!
Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: hazelnut, chocmint, vanilla, english toffee.

1) Who’s older - Janice. 
2) By how much - 10 minutes. 
3) What nationality - Korean Australian. 

          Janice and Sonia Lee, also known as“Jayesslee,” are 24-year old twin sisters, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Always having a creative flare, they explored the field of arts and design straight out of high school, but it did not take long for them to realise their greatest passion was in music. Janice and Sonia are inspired to sing and write about their personal experiences, or the stories of those who have impacted their lives. They aspire to be artists who send out a strong message of hope and freedom through their music. 

(c)jayesslee | Tumblr

          Jayesslee are Janice and Sonia, and they really are twins. Same hair, same face, they are similar in many ways yet once you get to know they, you’ll find that they are different at the same time :) They are 24 years old, born and raised in Sydney Australia. Both parents are Korean, so they are able to read, write and speak the language. They have always shared a passion for singing and now, they are both pretty set on pursuing music. They don’t sing to be rated, but every comment, message, rating and subscriber has made this journey for they all the more rewarding!

(c) | Jayesslee Bio


Such a cutiee ><

Video covers:



Dare you to move

P.S Watch out  for more Jayesslee cover uploads.

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