Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Since Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park was opened to the people of Koronadal City and Visitors from other town nearby the eagerness to visit the resort is in me, always. As my other classmates wanted to but the majority of the class clings to the other option which is another resort out of the city during our Christmas Party so the Paraiso Verde Escapade Plan that time was canceled.

But as our Summer Internship was  fast approaching my eager classmates already planned for a sure hit sched for Paraiso Verde after our entire duty scheduled May 20, 2k12

On May 19 I was thinking twice because not all of the 27 interns were really okay for swimming the day after so I did the brainstorming as to the afternoon when suddenly one of my classmate invited me to do walking at Gaisano grand mall making me say YES for tomorrow's escapade! And POOOOOOFFFF! Here we go now...

 I enjoyed the RIVER RAPIDS, Moby WAVES, Freestyle, Adventura and the THIGH Part at the Canteen. HAHAHAHA!

That's all. Summer FUN! <3

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