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Get to Know FOSTER THE PEOPLE and be a Fosterer

   Listen to them: Foster the people Torches

Track list:

5. Waste
10. Warrant

      First formed in Los Angeles, California in 2009, indie rock trioFoster the People were a bunch of guys in their mid-twenties who used Foster and the People as their initial moniker. But since people often misheard the name and called it Foster the People instead, members Mark Foster, Cubbie Fink and Mark Pontius opted the name. Another reason is because the new one has an underlying meaning. 

         Foster, Fink and Pontius were friends first before bandmates. After hanging out with them separately in Los Angeles, Foster brought them together to pursue their passion in music. "I've been playing music and writing songs on my own for a while. I was happy being a solo artist for a long time, but eventually it reached a point where I was like: 'Man, I'm ready to put a band together again!' And so I did," Foster explained in an interview. 

        They began by performing at charity shows like Toms Shoes 'Day Without Shoes' as they figure out the band's direction. Their first published creation "Pumped Up the Kicks" then received significant airplay on KRQQ back in 2010. Thanks to the single, the band quickly gained attention online. The song also reached number one on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart and 13 on Billboard Hot 100. 

Mark Foster

      From there, it was all downhill. The group got into Coachella Music Festival in 2011 and their first album was on the way. Speaking of their first effort which is called "Torches" and was released on May 23, 2011, Foster gushed, "It's super versatile. I think that the one quality that distinguishes it as a body of work is just joy. It's a joyous record. I think there's an underlying joy in all of the songs, even if the lyrics are dark. I'm excited. You haven't heard anything like it yet from us." 

"Torches" debuted at number 8 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 33,000 copies in the first week. 

FACTS about Foster the People: 

           Mark Foster is 27, Cubbie Fink is 29 and Mark Pontius is 26.

                           Mark Foster is the only child.

Mark Pontius's sister and Cubbie Fink's wife share the same first name: Rebecca.

Mark Pontius and his sister, Rebecca Pontius appeared in GSN's Extreme Dodgeball (both were on different teams).

Rebecca Pontius (Mark Pontius's sister) appeared on the Nickelodeon show 'Guts' when she was 12.

Cubbie Fink's wife is Rebecca St. James who is a recording artist and author of 8 (soon to be nine) books.

Rebecca St. James is a Grammy award winner and she sang a song called 'Lion' on the album 'Music inspired by Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe'.

Mark Pontius studied in Lyman High School. It's in Longwood, Florida.

Mark Foster has an Irish grandmother.

Cubbie Fink stated in an interview that Mark Foster wrote 'Pumped up kicks'. He said: "Mark wrote the song and showed it to us and we all kind of agreed that it was a great song. We were stoked about it." Click here to read the original interview.

Cubbie Fink proposed Rebecca St. James on Christmas Day, 2010. They got married on 23rd April in San Diego, California.

Mark Foster has a tattoo of a duck in plaid in his behind. 

As far as I can gather, Mark Pontius has three tattoos- One in his right arm, another one of an apple with two ears and the very famous tattoo of a hand on his tensor fasciae . You can spot it in the video 'The answering machine' of his former band Malbec

Cubbie Fink's birthdate is 4th of October.

Foster the People's very first red carpet (and award show) was Much Music Awards 2011, Canada. They presented an award there.

Mark Pontius' sister Rebecca Pontius is the co-founder of the Do Good Bus. She got the idea of the bus when Mark P threw a birthday party for her at a bus.

Isom Innis was the keyboardist for 3OH!3 (top) That's the crew of 3OH!3 including Isom.

Mark Foster, Mark Pontius, Cubbie Fink and Isom Innis thinks Justin Bieber is one talented kid. Do you?

Cubbie is a local La Costa Canyon high school graduate who grew up in Encinitas

Mark Pontius thinks dunkin doughnuts are the best in the world.

Cubbie Fink worked as a missionary in South Africa.

 Mark Pontius' hometown is Orlando.

Mark Foster met Rivers Cuomo (of the band Weezer) at a party in L.A when he was new there, probably nine years ago. He was carrying his guitar so Cuomo taught him 'Say it ain't so' on the guitar

At the age of 22, Mark Foster was on the verge of getting signed by the label of Dr. Dre. But talks came to a dead end. The label thought he was a white crossover soul artist- the new Eminem. But Mark didn't wanted to become a soul artist. He wanted electronic music.

Mark Foster came to know that Cubbie played bass after 4 years of their friendship.

Mark Foster never wanted to become a musician. He wanted to become a lawyer.

Mark Foster was asked to name 5 favourite things. He replied: lobster, 'FIFA 2011' for Xbox, making music obviously, coming up with short comedy sketches and porcupines.

Cubbie had a different hair cut in 2010 when Foster the People were just discovered by the internet. It was longer than his present hair.

Mark Pontius uses Grestch drums.

Mark Pontius sold his house and his car after the record deal. Cubbie Fink bought an apartment in April and spent only 5 nights in it before going for their tour. It was also in April that he got married.

Mark Pontius likes watching romantic-comedy movies.

Foster the People fans are called 'Fosterers'. It's a term invented by a teenager named Keisha Adams residing in London.

"They're not pretentious, they're not alcoholics, they're not crazy, they're not egomaniacs, and that's hard to find."- Mark F on his band.

Mark Foster was addicted to drugs when he was 18. His friends thought he was gonna die.

Mark Foster's good friend Japayork did the cover art of their album Torches. He also designed the shirts and all the apparels and FTP merchandise.

Foster the People recorded 'Call it what you want', 'I would do anything for you' and 'Life on the nickel' in London.

'Life on the nickel' was the last track that made into Torches.

Mark Foster used to do odd jobs before Foster the People happened. He delivered pizzas, painted houses, did telemarketing, an sold cutlery from house to house.

Foster the People's North American tour ended in Miami.

Cubbie Fink is a La Costa Canyon High graduate who was raised up in Encinitas.

Mark Foster, in his first kiss, told his girl not to eat him up.

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Foster the people everybody!

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