Monday, June 25, 2012

First time: Karakasa with Friends

        Weird yet not that common term for me. "Karakasa" can't really adhere to it. But when you once experience this kind of Unison Dance Exercise, which I categorized it as UDE na. haha Me and my College friends for a jog one Saturday morning at South Cotabato Sports Complex 4am in the morning but we're late so I'll make it 5am then.

what to bring first:

*Syempre my Green Water bottle

4:45am : Ang Pag Sundo by Louren Joquino

4:55: Tara Tena mga kasama!


Hanie, Gaile and Claren from Mariz Dorm

We'll start the rounds.

After three Rounds of Jog

Oh yes!

Oh Hanie aaa.

Galutaw ang Ido. haha

Suko na si Louren.

Now It's Nor's time

After you Tacs


Walking by faith to the Park


Where's the parking lot? :)

KARAKASA (Tuesday - Saturday)

Lookin' at me? haha

Guess who's there..

Breakfast time @Royalbakeshop after Jog&Karakasa

Waiting for our coffees, milo, sunny side ups and Pandesal.

My Nescafe 3n1 coffee

Nor's breakfast!

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