Monday, October 17, 2011

Christofer Drew's Poems

The first twenty poems i post are part of the first volume of a poetry series "SOME WORDS" that's gonna be published here in a bit.  hope they can help you find your exists deep within.

-christofer drew

beginning with now

in the beginning of now
all is as is
we are as free as the wind

we are grounded by self-pity

in the beginning of now
all is as is
we are as deep as the sea

we are drowned by delusion

in the beginning of now
all is as is
we are as distant as stars

we recluse to our minds

love and hate

love is that of bitter-sweet
pleasureful surface
gracefully deep

hate is that of a foolhardy-weep
powerful feeling
frivolous seep

love is that of a beautiful-hurt
florescent bloom
enlightened dirt

hate is that of quarreling-twins
identically lost
nobody wins

love is that of dreamful-bliss
passionate touch
impossible risk

hate is that of urgent-zilch
trifling matters
spoken filth

when i grow old

a sack of pus and blood and bones
a skull of vastness, thoughts, and mold
a heart of love that's grown so cold
is this my fate when i grow old?

a quiet home to wait my day
the day that i go on my way
my quiet home will then be sold
is this my fate when i grow old?

a mound of ash that once held life
is carried by my widowed wife
this is the saddest tale i've told
is this my fate when i grow old?
special you are
especially you
don't let this world
tell you who is who

you are who you are
you'll be who you'll be
you're special enough
especially for me
these three men

the angry man shouts hate aloud
the lonely man has been put down
the tired man is named the clown
excuses put them in the ground

the accused man is quick to blame
the guilty man he holds no shame
the judging man shall build is name
these three men are all the same

the quiet man is slow to speak
the patient man will take no peak
the upright man will turn his cheek
simplicity is their's to keep
we have come much farther than history knew
yet we live in the past; change is past due
assembled dissections distant our lands
a line on a map; a gun in my hand

we have come much farther than history knew
yet we live in the past; change is past due
these borders, these outline must come to an end
united as one; unanimous friends
esoteric lovers
you administer your aching conclusion
that my mind is so fickle; runs off delusion
you have your theory tremendously wrong
i speak from my heart; it translates in song

you say nothing in life is ever quite certain
uncertainty leaves you with with nothing i'm certain
trust me, believe me, or never let go
of all the ideas that keep pain afloat

i am so happy that i have you dear
the days are just moment; the minutes like years
this world will be ours if you can let go
esoteric lovers; we whole-heartedly roam

who am i?
who are you?
what are we?
what to do?
what was then?
what is now?
where is up?
where is down?
where am i?
where are you?
how to win?
how to lose?
how to live?
how to die?
am i wrong?
am i right?
modern-day weep
lost in the sequence of up-to-date thought
frustrated minds insufficiently taught
silencing thunder; digital light
comical plunder; chemical fight

subconscious motives driven by greed
to live is to die and to die we must bleed
sounds of madness; centuries deep
self-induced sadness; modern-day weep
a child's eyes gaze with no surprise
no concepts or views to scrutinize
ecstasy lost by discovering death
we learn that we die as we take our first breath

a middle-aged man will try to stay young
he lost half his youth yet he's only begun
ecstasy lost by self-evident tears
we learn how live once we lose half our years

a gray whiskered man acknowledges fate
the time it draws near yet he sets no date
ecstasy lost by regretting his days
he learns how to die as he sits and he waits

a spirit set free is entwined with the breeze
drifting with glee as it leaves behind grief
ecstasy found by shifting apart
we learn that it ends with the place that it starts

subtle interations

happy is the sun
sad is the earth
angry is the moon
worms in the dirt

subtle interations
basis of our worth
this historic social system
humanity's own curse
self destruction
there is a dimness behind the wall of my subconscious
a silhouette of the thoughts i dare not think

there is a division in myself that desires loneliness
feeds off the action of the undecided

there is a piece to my puzzle that just won't fit
the entirety is half complete

there is a suffering that we are all acquainted with
afflicted, tortured, anguished by ourselves
complete selfishness
behind the archaic unwritten law is the actual
us mortals have fabricated a shaky means to exist
helplessly we dominate our reality with selfishness
mankind is one component of a complex system

subconscious subtleties
the sun falls yet again
yet again i fall asleep
these dreams consist of feeling
subconscious subtleties

for moments i'm alive right there
surrounded by fictitious cares
is this the realm where i belong?
where yes is no and right is wrong
the inventors
a sobering silence crashed and swept the room
listeners gazed with unfastened eyes and tenacious ears
tuning into the emptiness they hear nothing but their own minds
voices of doubt, fear, uncertainty, and confusion

as this somber silence persists the invented voices become more animated
stemming from thought-structures their soul's been building for centuries
tuning into the emptiness they hear nothing but their own inventions
inventions of doubt, fear, uncertainty, and confusion

can't we see that we invent our doubt?
can't we see that we invent our fear?
can't we see that we invent our uncertainty?
can't we see that we invent our confusion?

every thought is an invention
invent your reality
the homeless wander to and frow
they chart the map; just take it slow

the business man is quick to move
he counts the endless tasks to do

the careless man is slow to speak
he wears no mask to hide his grief

the busy-body spits his mind
he shoots the shit but wastes no time

the simple man will fall in love
he wants nothing but her sweet love

the robot boy will die alone
he sits and waits to inject oil
true significance
lifetimes consumed by fleeting recollection
is time just like wind working in all directions?

born into bewilderment baffled by beyond
where do i stand or even come from?

a lifetime is there and then it is gone
is there true significance or nothing at all?
save me
meet me where the earth is rearranged
find me where this logic is not strange
tell me every thought that runs so deep
save me before i dare take this leap

my last desire
i'm sitting here on a dark cloud
shielded by the rain you catch only glimpse of the fire

it burns away all doubt
it boils the blood of all impurities

i am like a bird that has never learned to fly
your heart is a wishing well that grants this dream for flight

spreading my new found wings
i feel as of a peasant discovering he is king

as i let go of the hurt that i have carried for centuries…

i discover a new clarity
i encompass a new hope
i renew myself of fire
your love is my sunlight
you are my last desire

equivalent duality 
yes or no
certainty or doubt
pleasure or pain
loss or gain

it is the same.
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