Saturday, May 4, 2013

DAD: Determination, Attitude and Discipline

I used to call myself "one lazy lucky girl". When I thought about High school the word "Friendship" keeps popping on my mind. When I entered College life, my chosen path? Well I'm not 99.99% sure I can continue with. I'm always a loner, bored and an over thinking pathetic, crazy human being that lacks confidence most often. I can never really tell 4 years of hardship isn't gonna be rewarded but it makes me ponder more of questions like: So what if you finished College? What's next. I bet I have my answer to that "I'll pass first the board exams". They say be positive, keep moving forward and appreciate life. And with that I realized that Whatever hurdles may cast along my way I told myself "I can pass all of these" keeping my hopes up and believing in myself. 

It's easy to preach yet hard to do. If you don't have plans you might get lost at once, If you lost your mind not keeping in tract, bothered or somewhat closed-minded it's time for you to change that. Every day every minute life has anything to offer. It just awaits you, your eagerness will lead you there. Whatever we do, we think everyday We always do have our bridge. The link to everything, to anyone. Your Family, Friends, God will always be there, will protect you, support till the end. There's nothing to worry about. You may get sad to even little things in life it's not a sin to be sensitive. But we must consider sensitivity though. 

Too cold, too hot can we handle the temp? Too heavy to light problems what must a person ask from God? Lighter problems? No. We must ask for Broader shoulder to our heavy burdens. Equilibrium. Balance. If life throws you anything on the spot we don't have defenses to anything in particular but we can think, use our mind not only math problems, students' attitude towards a teacher like you or even fixing cars of any one just you are asked to do so. You have to be expressive, yourself. If there's a problem, a stimuli, it imparts a reaction from you  and that might change the problem upside down.

Try not to frown. Someone told me to smile one day cause he's used to seeing my poker-faced. But to my defense I told him he might not knew me well.  I told him it takes one to know one. He might have seen me not expressively happy not smiling but it can be a great deal of defense mechanism. It doesn't mean you build walls or anything to every little thing it's just you in yourself knows that the World can be harsh whenever it wanted to be and all you can do it to deal with it someday and when that comes: The broader shoulders you had asked can give you much confidence to keep moving forward and live your dreams~

~Victoria , dreamer.

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