Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Wansapanataym in your life you'll experience boredom seldom how many many times in a day. Fucked.So what's the cure? I mean what can you do to make it directly the opposite of what you feel right now(Urrgghh!), maybe shifting your focus will do but in any minute you go back to the old fucking feeling again. Doing stuffs that unlikely you'll be doing are the results of such for instances, feeling happiness for no particular reason, being preoccupied with so many things even if you're not into it , really.

Maybe you have a clue why I'm on my upinpersonal confession blog right now. Haha I'm clueless 'ly BORED my friend. Durperepdurp! Cause you'll never find me stalking profiles on fb that much or even changing tweets or making myself known to celebrities (local/international)via twitter but either way you can catch me rebloggin' posts on Tumblr and hearting  "<3" photos on

One thing is for sure.If had a loved one I mean really right now I'll be smsing 24/7, I'm not here expressing myself seriously motionless keyboard while blogging for God's sake becaiseit is broken. Meanwhile I'm having whirlwind of ideas on my mind right now. I badly need to doodle but I need to review my lessons first. Oh by the way. I'm already 19 years old, still serious 'bout my studies. I really must keep reminding myself of what I want and who to be maybe 2 years from now. Pretty much a Good 'ol female medtechonduty living her Big City Dreams. 

For your information I consider myself both a big time risk taker and a positive thinker. If I started my day rough I didn't let it end the way it is. I make it sure that before I lay my eyes closed I consider every happenings for that a blessing and I'm happy for it. Cause without the chase I couldn't have gain amazing experiences. It is my treasured experiences that I bring every time I step my foot outside my door. And in that way the learning it taught will never be wasted.

I don't rush up things. because all the things thrown to me by God will always have its proper time to be dealt with. Whether it is good or bad that makes it that heavy or big time I always remind myself "I surely can manage". I do like Adventures and I do appreciate even the little things that brings me happiness. 

I'm an advocate of peace. And If I say peace I mean harmony. When I deal or interact with people I always see them through first. I do consider their attitudes I'm not that straightforward person but I'm also not the exact opposite type. I'm shy but I don't bring my shyness that often anymore. I love to laugh I mean laughing hard unable to breath properly. 

I miss being in complete family. Mom Dad siblings type of a family. I'm not from a wealthy one but I'm from a family with enormous love. I'am blessed. I do love myself. And in every step I take I know God will never leave my side cause if he did. He already had left me without me knowing it.

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