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Facts about Choi Minho

Stage Name: 민호 / Minho

Real Name: Choi Minho (최민호)

Nickname: Charismatic Flame Minho

DOB: December 9th, 1991

Height: 181cm(when he debut)

Family: Parents, older brother

Position: Rap

Hobby/Interest: Soccer, Basketball, Performing, English

  • Tallest of SHINee, 181cm from debut, but he could have grown over the past two years.
  • His older brother is Choi Min Seok.
  • Wanted to be a soccer player, but his dad, who was a soccer coach, knows how tough life is for a soccer player is and didn't want Minho to experience that.
  • He also likes basketball.
  • Very competitive! It sucked seeing him on the 100801 Let's Go Dream Team episode. He just kept going-- not wanting to admit to defeat.
  • Given the nickname Pomonam, which means 'a guy who does not give up.'
  • Even when playing video games, he'll get frustrated if he loses. He once even blamed Taeminnie who was next to him when he lost. >
  • And when he does win, he has a signiture move where he'll place his pointer on his lips then point it to the sky.>
  • His favorite number is 10.
  • He has it on his soccer jersey that hangs on his bed. haha..
  • He wrote the rap lyrics to Shout Out in the Lucifer album.
  • Absolutely loves Yoogeun, his 'son.' He really likes kids. If there are young kids at a fan meet or at LGDT, he'll play with them and pinch their cheeks. LOL xD
  • His nickname is Bulkkot Keuriseuma, or Flaming Charisma.
  • Because of that nickname, he was a quiet, cool kid in front of te camera for the first year after his debut

  • He'll glare at the stair steps if he trips..>
  • A 'hyung collector, magnet, whore' LOL. Very close with many older guys, such as SUJU, TVXQ, 2PM, LGDT members, etc.
  • Goes to Konkuk University majoring in Film through the fine arts department.
  • He modeled for famous fashion designers Ha Sang Baek and Andre Kim.
  • I read somewhere that he was initially supposed to debut as an actor and model. (not sure though)
  • Featured in SNSD's Gee music video..>
  • Injured on LGDT this past March and July :|
  • He was born in Incheon.
  • Pre-Debut, after playing soccer with his friends till the early morning, he slept for two whole days. LOL.
  • Pre-Debut, on the bus on his way to Seoul for an important recording, he closed his eyes for a second, but actually slept and the bus was on its way back to Incheon.
  • Pre-Debut, after losing a soccer match in what I think was the 8th grade, he couldn't stop crying.
  • He rarely does aegyo, because he's embarrased doing it, but I think he does it wonderfully. LOL
  • He's able to not blink for 3 minutes straight.
  • He can do a squirtle imitation-- sorta.. haha.. >
  • He thinks of his fantasy girl while singing Love Like Oxygen.

  • "Hello everyone, I am SHINee's Flaming Charisma Minho. I have to talk for more than a minute? What can I say? One minute is too long!"
  • "Minho looks like a main character of a manga" (ONEW) "He is a living existence of selfishness!" (KEY) "When I first saw him, I thought "Ah! So handsome! Especially the eyes!" (JONGHYUN)
  • Has no concept about money, no concept about taking care of his health, has no concept about maintaining handsome or not -- Why waste so much energy thinking about this kind of things?
  • If he were to pick the most handsome pose, it would be just to stand there properly.
  • "I will buy our album this time too, and keep it as a personal collection."
  • Feels happiest when he is on stage singing and dancing, really. When singing, he will persevere on to the very end, and when singing, he will immerse himself into the song until the last note ends. If it is not his song, it is even easier for him to get involved, like "Rokkugo".
  • An inquisitive baby, is curious about everything. If he doesn't do anything then it is fine, but if he goes about doing something, he must do it to his best capacity, a perfectionist.
  • Does not talk usually, but hopes that the members can become closer amongst each other, to become "forever SHINee".
  • "The album is really manly and wild, Minho!" "They said we are manly and wild...(looks at other members) Is that good?"
  • His ideal type just need to be of an average height, must definitely be kind at heart, have long hair, wears dresses frequently -- Ah, will just secretly laugh when thinking about it.
  • "Honestly, if I am a girl, the member from SHINee that I will definitely date is Taemin."
  • Is good at doing everything, and is able to understand and analzye matters effectively -- in reality, he is very aware if the people around him are comfortable or not -- except when he is the camera PD: he still does not understand how to make the people in the scene stand properly.
  • "I have never seen a ghost, but I would like to see one."
  • According to Taemin, Minho's sleeping pyjamas is the cutest, but what is the pattern then? Flowers and grass? Animals? Hearts? It is unanswered.
  • "It shall be it then." (catchphrase)
  • Does not have a personal talent. Does playing soccer counts? I am good at playing soccer, do you want to have a match someday?
  • Does not want to be hypocritical, refuses to be half hearted and insincere, if very straightforward in personality.
  • It's not that he cannot be crazy, it's not that he cannot lead, it's not that he is not attracted to girls, you just to get hold of the that one single point that makes him interested and wait for him to give you a surprise.

  • During their trainee days, one of the members of SHINee thought MinHo was a (handsome) foreigner!
  • While most members prefer to talk during their car rides, MinHo often sleeps by himself..
  • He's made his acting debut recently on a drama special, "Pianist" >
  • Onew says that MinHo's voice sounds like it comes from the soles of his feet!
  • He's talented at sports, althought JongHyun insists that it's because MinHo is really active in sports while the other members don't really excerise.
  • When TaeMin first saw him, he wondered how someone's eyes could be so round and big!
  • During Hello Baby's first episode, the SHINee boys had to guess who the baby pictures were of. When MinHo's middle school picture came up, Key and JongHyun guessed "Keroro"* and "A camel!" *Keroro/캐로로 is a cartoon character; he is a green frog with enormous and round eyes.
  • Minho got street casted. Since he was young, he loved to show people his talent and his dream to become a singer was very big."
  • In Ha SangBaek’s Fashion Show, he walked down the run-way like a robot.
  • He studied Chinese in Beijing in 2006 and 2007.
  • Minho is also considered SHINee’s most fashionable member along with Key.
  • minho loves to play video games..but other member don't really loves to they only play when minho begs~
  • extention from above facts: he started teaching taemin to play “winning eleven” (a soccer game). he would always ask taemin if they could play another round, but then eventually, taemin was the one asking if they could play another round. minho thinks that his competitiveness is spreading around the world, following this with a laugh. onew would play with minho for one round but would go back to his room. jonghyun and key wouldn’t even play with minho. they would just sit back and watch.
  • minho can accept the age different up to 13 years!!
  • minho favourite member in suju is donghae^^ ( they are very close..and minhoi said that they talk thing from heart to heart..and they dont have a dongsaeng respectful relationship..just as friends)
  • Before there was even a choreography for Amigo, Minho dreamed that they were practicing the dance for it.
  • Minho likes taking photo shoots because he can try new things and make new challenges.
  • Minho mom is short but his dad is tall. He thinks that he inherited their good genes.

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